We keep dogs happy and healthy through exercise.

Dog Jogger

Canine health professionals know how critical regular exercise is for your dog’s physical and mental health. That’s why many of our clients have been referred to us by veterinarians and trainers.

 Mental & Behavioral Benefits

Our Daily Fitness Sessions have proved beneficial to help curb behavioral issues, assist behavior therapy, and relieve stress and anxiety. An active lifestyle is critical to the well-being of every dog.

 Build Endurance

When your dog starts our fitness program we slowly build up his or her endurance with interval training. Our sessions begin with a warm up walk and end with a cool down on the way back home.

 Elite Athletes

Our team consists of collegiate cross-country and track runners, marathoners and endurance athletes who are passionate about running and dogs! All our Athletes are fully vetted and go through an extensive hiring and training process before they work with any of our clients.

 Safety First

Our Athletes are trained to carefully watch for discomfort including; dehydration, overheating, and fatigue. If they see any signs of struggling, tiring, or erratic behavior they will end the work out immediately, contact our fully staffed office, and leave an appropriate daily progress report.

  • Running Paws is consistently excellent -- they have friendly, reliable runners and always follow up promptly if you contact their offices. Staff + customer service are top-notch. Highly recommend this business.

    Mellie, via citysearch

  • I have been using Running Paws for over seven years, and have had consistently excellent service... Each runner has treated my dogs with the utmost care, good humor and affection...

    Heidi, via citysearch

  • The Running Paws team rocks my world! We moved from Dallas to NYC last fall with two very active Blue Heeler mix dogs, and worried about them getting enough activity in the city...

    Rick, via yelp

  • ... Everyone is very kind and responsive. If you're looking for a dog walker, Running Paws is a similarly priced and superior option for keeping your pup healthy and happy.

    Yoni, via yelp


Tailored to meet the needs of each dog.

Buddy Fitness Sessions

Buddy Fitness Sessions

Buddy Sessions are limited to just two dogs. We only pair your pup with another if they have similar ability and compatible temperament.

The goal of our Daily Fitness Sessions is to maintain your dog's fitness and good health, not to log miles. As every dog has his or her own needs we'll provide an "Evaluation Session" at our introductory meeting so we can recommend the right service for your pup.

Monthly A La Carte
Monday - Friday Custom Schedule
30 min. daily, $425 30 min. session, $30
45 min. daily, $575 45 min. session, $40

Exclusive Fitness Sessions

Exclsuive Fitness Sessions

Exclusive Sessions mean your pup has his or her sessions alone with one of our athletes.

Like the Buddy Sessions, our goal is to provide each pup with the proper amount of daily exercise for physical and mental balance.

If your pup requires Exclusive Sessions due to temperament or behavioral issues and you're currently working with a trainer we offer 'Special Attention' rates - roughly 20% off our Exclusive Session rates.

Monthly A La Carte
Monday - Friday Custom Schedule
30 min. daily, $625 30 min. session, $40
45 min. daily, $850 45 min. session, $55

Fast Pace Walks

Fast Pace Walks

Fast Pace Walks promote healthy exercise at a brisk pace, assuring your dog gets a healthy dose of fresh air! Just like our dog jogging program, we provide exclusive and small group 30 and 45-minute walks.

We never pack walk, so your pup will have plenty of freedom to have fun in a stress free group.

Offered citywide from 110th street to Battery Park City, East to West.

Monthly A La Carte
Monday - Friday Custom Schedule
30 min. daily, $400 30 min. session, $23
45 min. daily, $525 45 min. session, $28

Dog Sitting and Overnight Care

Dog Sitting

Need to go out of town you can? No problem, we have reliable and caring staff to stay with your dog. The service includes three walks per day feeding and medication administration. Please note that extra walks carry additional charges.

Have a cat too? No problem, we can take care of your kitty as well!

Please note that we only provide pet sitting to current daycare and home service clients and not as a stand-alone service. Sittings are subject to availability.

A La Carte
By Reservation
$85 per night
Holidays +$20

Our Team

Athletes with a passion for dogs.

  • Joshua Stine, CEO

    Joshua Stine Co-Founder

    An enthusiastic athlete who enjoys working with dogs of all sizes and ages. Josh graduated in 1997 from the Stern School of Business at New York University and joined Running Paws after seven years working at Goldman Sachs.

  • Matt M, Grammercy

    Matt M. Lower East Side

    Matt is a phenomenal saxophonist. He studied saxophone at the University of Rhode Island as well as at the Berklee College of Music. Even with his busy schedule being a freelance musician and dog runner, he still finds time to compete in marathons throughout the year.

  • Ryan S, West Village

    Ryan Lower West Side

    Ryan is a running fanatic! You can find Ryan every morning on Roosevelt Island teaching a boot camp workout before he lacing up for his Tribeca jogs.

  • Sarah, Upper East Side

    Sarah Upper East Side

    Recentlty relocated to NYC, a life long runner and new Tough Mudder! Sarah's always up for a challenge.

  • Freddy, Upper East Side

    Freddy Upper East Side

    Freddy is one of our youngest runners and also a client favorite. He is a student and avid runner with years of experience working with dogs.

  • Libra, Battery Park City

    Libra J. Battery Park City

    Libra walks faster than most people run and loves exercising our most athletic dogs. She is our most experienced runner and one of our best athletes. She goes above and beyond for any client.

  • Dominic, Midtown East

    Dominic Midtown East

    About Dominic coming soon.

  • Steve, Upper East Side

    Steve Upper East Side

    Steve has Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Kinesiology. He ran track in College as well as coached track at Columbia University and currently works at Crunch 34th st as a personal trainer. He has a high energy and avid dog lover!

  • William, Substitute

    William Substitute

    Retired from the Navy, but still very active! Will's love for running and his passion for dogs makes him theperfect fit for any pup that needs an extra hand for the day.

  • Franceliz, Upper East Side

    Franceliz Upper East Side

    About Franceliz coming soon.

  • Martin, Wall Street

    Martin Wall Street

    A long time runner who runs for the love of dogs and exercise. Pretty much the reasons why we started Running Paws!

  • Karl, Union Square

    Karl Union Square

    Karl is one of our longest tenured runners! When he's not running pups he's a student enrolled in Criminology.

  • Johnny, Upper West Side

    Johnny Upper West Side

    Johnny's high energy coupled with his love for dogs keeps his pups on their toes! You can always find him running through Central Park with a happy pup by his side.

  • Marcos, Substitute

    Marcos Substitute

    Recently moved to NYC from Puerto Rico, Maroc enjoys meeting new pups and exploring neighborhoods throughout the city.


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